Meet Bear!

A note we received with Bear,
from one of the Vail Children, reads:

Dear Johnny, Cindy, and Paul,

I hope you have fun with Bear.  He has been a very good dog for us and I hope he will be a great dog for you too.  He has a long tail.

From, The Vail's

Thank You Vail Family!

New Zanelli Member!!

Born February 2003

Bear was adopted by us on 12/30/2004, from the Vail Family (a co-worker of Paul's, who happens to live less than a mile from Daria and Rich!).

After a few short hours with Bear, we knew we had to keep him...  he's gorgeous, lovable, great with the baby, and the dog of our dreams (sorry Mackie!). 

All are adjusting well... Mackie is the least happy, and is considering a visit to Lady & Polo.

Thanks Daria & Rich for helping me get him cleaned up (and for buying lunch)!